Belle Martinez

Belle Martinez

Congratulations to Belle Martinez – our October Pet of The Month!

Belle was adopted on 06/04/2015 at an HEB in Elgin, Texas. From the moment I saw her precious little face I could not resist asking if she was for sale. To my surprise, she was being given away. I jumped at the chance to adopt her. I was told that she was a good puppy, and she was a Boxer / Lab mix, not thinking that her owners would not know her breed, I accepted their description.

As time passed, I began to realize that she was not the breed originally told, but in fact she is a Pit / Lab mix. Which explains her immense strength for such a small dog, not to mention the most loving and docile personality.

Belle is a very High Energy, adventurous and curious dog. She loves to go sailing, outrigger canoeing and fetching tennis balls from the pond at the dog park. In addition to her high energy personalty, she is an extremely loving and gentle puppy. She loves to cuddle when her stomach is being rubbed and petted.

I can honestly say I do not know who saved who the day I brought Belle home. It was a Sunday night, and the very next day we made her first of what would become many trips to Premier Pet spa and Premier Animal Hospital.

Belle has been blessed to have what I consider the finest Vet in Texas Dr. Morgan Miller. She had some tummy issues and was a little dehydrated when she was examined by Dr. Miller, but was in pretty good health. So a full battery of shots, some meds for the tummy and she was as healthy as a dog could be.

I have been blessed to have her in my life. She makes me laugh and I enjoy seeing her after her full day of playing with her pals Nayla, Fin, Conner, Copper, Owen and Max and Glitter. I can always tell how hard she played… because when she comes home, she gets a heaping drink of water and sleeps for the next two hours.

Thank you, Premier for your staff and the fine care Belle receives each time she visits. She actually knows the way to your spa and gets so excited in the car when we get there she can’t wait to get to the back.

From the bottom of my heart and Belle’s you all are the BEST!

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