Congratulations to “Silas” Rain – our June Pet of The Month!

Silas Rain was born January 23 2008. Silas is the gift that keeps giving. He is a sweet charming young man with thriving personality, he is the neighborhood stud always making new friends wherever he goes.

He didn’t have a great start in life making him scared of people, loud noises, car rides ex. Even though our big boy prevails. He is a very important part of our family, he always lets us know when someone is outside, he makes sure all the plates are licked clean and most importantly he brings the fun.

Silas is an important dog with important needs which is why we love Premier Pet Spa.

Pets of the Month for 2017

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April – Harley

March – Nala

February – Obi Haze

January – Colton Daigle