All baths and spaw treatments are to be dropped off between 7am-9am, pick up by 6pm (Mon-Thurs) or 5pm (Fri)

Drop Off Baths:
0-10lbs: $18
11-25lbs: $21
26-80lbs: $26
81-120lbs: $31
121lbs and up: $37
Buy 4 Standard Baths and get 1 Free 

The Belize Spaw – Standard day care and bath $28
The Tuscany Spaw – Luxury day care and bath $35
The Riviera Spaw – Luxury day care with bath, manicure with painted nails, sanitary cut, playtime, and feet trimmed $50 (not available on Saturday’s)
Day Spaw – Bath and sanitary cut $32 (not available on Saturday’s)
Deluxe Day Spaw – Bath, manicure with painted nails, trimming all 4 paw pads $35 (not available on Saturday’s)
Luxury Day Spaw – Bath, sanitary cut, manicure with painted nails, ears plucked $40 (not available on Saturday’s)
Buy 4 Spaw Packages and get 1 Free

Skunk Baths: $50-$70 (varies by size)
Express Baths: drop off baths usually takes between 4-6 hours to complete, you can add an additional $10 express fee to your drop off price and your bath can generally be completed in 2 hours.