To whom it concern:

This is to recommend Kim Kelly to assist with anything your dogs could need!

Kim Kelly has an amazing ability with dogs. He has worked with all four of our dogs over the past several years, and each has different needs and temperament. In private classes, Kim is 100% focused on the dog and is able to instantly respond to the dog’s actions. He is always a few steps ahead. In group lessons, we have seen Kim work with several dogs at once and he is always in tune with each. It’s almost as if he can read their minds!

We are always confident leaving our dogs in Kim’s care when we are away. We know that they are receiving effective training along with the attention and warmth of a loving friend. Kim Kelly is the original “Dog Whisperer!”

Eileen Hughes

Hi Mr. Kelly! I just wanted to let you know that Rocky is doing wonderful at home and with the cats! What a difference his training with you has made! Thank you so much for all the work you put into him and the extra time and effort to work with him around cats and horses. It really paid off and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! He will be seeing you again when we go on vacation! Thanks again!

Karen & family

Dear Kim,
Tom and I would both like to thank you very much for our recent series of dog training sessions. “Truman” extends his thanks as well. We are a transformed family now and we enjoy so many different activities on a daily basis which brings us ALL so much happiness. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the knowledge we ALL gained in our sessions with you. Truman really misses seeing you!!

It is so wonderful to take Truman anywhere and everywhere now. He has wonderful manners!! I never would have believed that I could walk with Truman with him right at my side let alone without a leash. (My right shoulder thanks you as well!)

We knew that our 15 month old Golden Retriever needed additional training in order for him to be able to experience a fantastic life. Previously Truman had graduated from a “Group — Senior Puppy Training” class which gave him basic skills like “sit,” “down,” and “stay.” In spite of being at the top of his class, taking him on walks was quite an undertaking. He loved to “pull” on the leash and became out of control if we encountered another dog. He thought that everyone wanted to pet him or at least visit. He loved to chase everything (especially leaves blowing down the street!!). We asked Dr. Daigle for a recommendation to help us. We are so grateful that he directed us to you. (Not to mention how convenient it was!)

The six one on one training sessions were a complete miracle. I can’t believe what a transformation has happened in just six training sessions. (We are all anxious to schedule additional sessions in the near future!) Without going into great detail of each individual session, (which I could very easily) let me share with you what a typical day the Truman entails now.

Tom and Truman will start off the morning playing at the dog park with other dogs. He then accompanied both Tom and I on a walk at Brushy Creek Park where he starts off the walk heeling by our side and then he is “Free” to run and smell. Truman constantly checks in with us and “comes” when we call. We can pass other dogs, people, etc. on the trail and he remains right at our side (without a leash on!). After our walk we went to Lowes to look at bedding plants. He remained by my side throughout the entire shopping trip including laying down while waiting in line at the checkstands. He then went for a visit to his grandparents where he greets everyone (without jumping up) and then lays by our side while we visit.

We ALL have such a great life now and we can’t thank you enough. If you ever need any references please feel free to include us. We would love to share our wonderful experience.

We look forward to our next sessions in the near future!!

Thank you,
Tom and Kim Mulrooney (And Truman)